Case study. A tailored approach to finding the right role

To demonstrate my tailored, considered approach to assisting you with your next career move, please read on for a case study:

A Technical Coordinator, Fiona (not her real name), was referred to me by an industry contact, as she was starting out on her search for her next career move.

After an email exchange, we agreed a mutually convenient time to speak – where we were able to discuss in detail Fiona’s experience, what she was looking for in her new employer, and her future career aspirations. Fiona’s needs could be summed up to three key criteria:

1) Career development: Realistic, structured progression over 1-4 years.

2) Projects. Ideally Fiona wanted a mix of working on both greenfield and brownfield schemes, to develop her depth of experience. 

3) Flexible working - ideally the flexibility to work a day-a-week at home.

Confidentiality and discretion characterise all my searches; so, I proceeded after agreeing a period of exclusivity. It was important that we were able to search the market unhindered by another party.


I conducted an initial search, and then together, we carefully selected a handful (8) companies to contact confidentially. These were made up of five companies that we had worked with previously and three that were new to us. Without releasing any of Fiona’s personal details (just an outline of her aspirations, qualifications, and experience), I contacted our targeted shortlist. On following up with each Technical Director, it became apparent that 3 of our target companies were interested in her experience, and wanted further information. 

Having spoken with Fiona about the companies and their level of interest, we agreed to release her full CV to all three interested parties. 


The result was that Fiona had interviews at two of the companies, which both resulted on job offers. Fiona spent some time considering these, now been with her new employer for a year. We do keep in touch, and I understand that a promotion to Senior Technical Coordinator is looking likely in the medium term. Fiona's feedback is that our open, honest, and unpressured approach was helpful in successfully securing a role that fulfilled all her key career criteria.

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