What to Include in Your Construction CV?

How To Write A Strong Construction CV And Help Your Recruiter Find You A Position Fast

Getting a CV together can be tricky at the best of times, especially if you've been with the same company for a prolonged period of time. Whilst the majority of us know that we need to include our relevant qualifications and educational history on our CV, when it comes to compiling a construction specific CV, some details might need a little more fleshing out.

Project Details

When you work on the same thing day in and day out, you already know the details inside and out.

This isn't necessarily the same for your recruiter. Whilst most good recruitment consultants will be aware of the major projects and happenings within their sector of expertise, they probably won't be fully up to speed on the precise details surrounding them, or familiar with some of the more minor projects.

It's worth remembering that there are some details which prove extremely helpful to the recruiter trying to find you your next position, and that the more information you include on your CV, the better the chance you will be rapidly put forward for suitable roles. The less time a recruiter needs to spend editing your CV or chasing for missing information, the more time they can devote to actually promoting you to employers.

So What Should You Actually Be Including?

Dates and Duration: When did you work on that big schools project? How long did you spend on it?

The more detail you can provide about each relevant project the better, so we can start to assemble a coherent picture of your career so far – piecing together historical projects to put forward a complete timeline to potential employers.

The What and the Who: It's not enough to say that you worked on "the Kingswood school".

Whilst this is a start, your consultant needs to know your previous employer, what the project was, and, if possible, who you worked with– you never know, they might already be on good terms with your supervisor and have some leverage on roles within their next project!

Project Values: So you've covered when you worked on a project, what it was, who you worked for and with and how long it took – awesome. Another detail which is always incredibly helpful to include is the value of the project. See, for all we know, you've been building a school from Lego bricks, on your budget of spare change (obviously you haven't, but we're exaggerating for the fun of it).

Were you involved in a £1 million build, or was it a £50 million commercial project? The value gives your recruiter a good indication of your current position and the scale of projects that you're operating on, which in turn means they can put you forward for suitable roles. There's no point them putting you forward for a £2 million project if you've already been involved with £50 million ones!

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