Why Consider a Career as a Quantity Surveyor?

Quantity Surveying is a job role which has huge career potential and is in massive demand thanks to widespread skills shortages. Now really is the time to consider a role within the field - it’s a construction career with great potential and you can bet that you’ll always be in demand.

QS: Always Be In Demand

As of February 2017, QS shortages are currently at their highest level since the recession in 2008. Quantity Surveyors are always in demand within the construction industry  – “it’s easier to employ a ballet dancer than a quantity surveyor”. Of course, it can be pretty tricky for the construction industry when it comes to fulfilling all the roles required across the UK, however, it does mean that as a skilled professional in this field; you’ll always be extremely lucrative. In line with increasing demand, salaries are growing at record levels with the aim to encourage new talent. With plenty of the attractive QS roles on the market, professionals can really have their pick of the bunch.

The Perks of being a Quantity Surveyor

Although of course from a professional viewpoint, being in demand is a massive positive – there are many other great benefits that come with being a Quantity Surveyor.

A Diverse Market

The construction industry as a whole offers a diverse and fast-paced job market, offering a broad array of opportunities open to QS’. In fact, for QS’ in particular, there are a number of job environments to choose from – from residential projects, to large-scale infrastructure projects and developments ranging from offices, attractions, transport and rail and road projects. Considering the current nature of the construction sector including the UK’s need for increased housebuilding, as well as the large-scale projects (such as Hinkley Point C) in the pipeline – it’s an exciting time to be working in such a diverse construction market.

Additionally, as a QS, you have the opportunity to decide whether you take an office based position for a consultancy or decide to work on site with a contractor.


It doesn’t take too long to train to become a Quantity Surveyor, which is often a big perk for professionals. It’s also relatively easy to secure a role as an apprentice QS and work your way up that way, which is often a favoured approach. Alternatively, after obtaining an initial bachelor’s degree, it takes another year to become a fully-fledged Quantity Surveyor and jump straight into the field.  Due to the diversity of the sector, on-the-job training can continue through your entire career as you progress your abilities through experimenting with different directions in the QS field. For example, it’s common for QS’ to transition from contracting to client side or vice versa at some point in their career – of course, this offers a great chance for on-the-job training and progression so it’s unlikely the job will ever get boring.

Positive Outlook

With the amount of directions in which you can take a QS career in, it’s an ideal platform for future career development – it’s a career with the potential to sidestep into a number of other prosperous construction roles such as project management or development management.

Additionally, thanks to the promising future of the construction industry as a whole with a range of projects and infrastructure needs throughout the UK – you’re promised a rewarding future.

If you’re on the hunt for a new opportunity as a Quantity Surveyor; we may have the role for you.Take a look at our jobs page and apply online.