Why Use a Construction Recruitment Agency?

Finding your perfect role within the Construction industry can be a daunting prospect and with hundreds of opportunities out there, it can be a difficult and time consuming process negotiating the path to your next ideal job role; that’s where recruitment consultancies can provide a helping hand.

As a rule, there are a range of benefits towards using a Construction recruitment consultancy to find your ideal job role…

Construction Recruitment Agency: Industry Insight

Of course, using a niche recruitment agency of any kind can be hugely beneficial to your job search; those who specialise in your specific, and often specialist, industry are usually in the best place to offer comprehensive industry insights into your sector after years of experience working the field. It’s these years of industry experience which ensure that consultancies have extensive relationships with potential employers and can maximise your job chances.

Not only are consultants likely to have a significant understanding of the current job market, usually, they also have a background of working in your sector, equipping them with an understanding of your day-to-day. Here at Thatcher Associates, many of our recruitment team have a background in the Construction industry, so it’s second nature to understand the needs of professionals within the sector.

It’s this industry insight and extensive experience that is the underpinning of most of the other benefits of using a Construction recruitment agency; this insight can offer time saving, increased exposure to more opportunities, as well as salary advice. Experts in both Construction and Recruitment are very well placed in finding the perfect job to fit your needs.

Broad Exposure and Opportunities

Stemming from niche recruitment agencies wide-ranging industry insight, as a candidate represented by a consultancy, you are likely to have great exposure to a whole host of opportunities. The time that you simply don’t have to put into a dedicated job search can be handled with your best interests at heart.

Additionally, in some circumstances, recruitment agencies can have opportunities which are not always available elsewhere, not to mention that working in partnership can give you a competitive advantage. In order to get the best exposure to a wide range of opportunities and open doors to a number of roles which suit your expertise; it may be wise to consider utilising a recruitment agency. 

Salary Negotiation and Advice

It’s also important to mention that recruitment consultants are in the best place to offer advice on the ins and outs of the recruitment process, especially when it comes down to salary negotiation and recommendations. Negotiation can happen on the behalf of both parties in order to agree a mutually established remuneration package. If both parties are aware of the others hopes and expectations from the outset, it ensures there is a realistic prospect of sealing the best possible deal. Experience in the industry, as well as geographical benchmarks can be used to give advice on the best packages, often leaving you with the best possible offer.


Looking and applying for a job can be a full time job in itself; it’s extremely time consuming. Searching through job vacancies, tailoring your CV, cover letters and application forms, not to mention navigating the interview process; there’s certainly a lot to bear in mind. Your job hunt can be made much more manageable when supported by a recruitment agency and being provided with details you need to know about potential employers can help you to focus your efforts, saving a lot of time.

Ultimately, a construction recruitment agency is built on the skills of its recruiters – here at Thatcher Associates, we know the niche job market, we’re experts in all stages of the recruitment process and understand the needs of potential employers, this can guide your job search and take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

If you’re in the market for a new construction job role, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Thatcher Associates. We’d be happy to guide your search in the right direction. You can also take a look at our latest, exclusive vacancies here.