Some extra cash and a friend who owes you a favour? Totally worth it. 

At Thatcher Associates, we're in the business of building teams.

When we've placed talented Built Environment professionals into their latest great role, they often tell their equally talented friends. 

We're always flattered to receive referrals - it means we're doing something right! Should you recommend someone with the skills and experience to be a fantastic hire, we'll absolutely want to thank you. 

Put us in touch with a brilliant potential candidate who isn't already registered with us and we'll show our gratitude by paying you a referral fee of up to £500. If the friend you refer to us happens to have registered with us before, it still counts if the registration has lapsed for 18 months. We'll be able to tell you about this straight away. 

Got someone in mind? 

To count as a referral, we'll need a name, email address OR phone number, and their current job role. Make as many referrals as you like (but we do have the right to alter or cancel the scheme without notice). 

If the friend you refer goes on to secure a permanent position through Thatcher Associates, we'll send you a fee as soon as they complete their probationary period. If they're hired on a contract basis, you might have a bit longer to wait - just until they complete 3 months full term service. 

Important Note: Once we make a payment for a referral, you are responsible for any tax liability, and you will need to notify HMRC of the payment in your annual tax return.