Work With Us

At Thatcher Associates, we’re entrepreneurial, respectful, aspirational, and hard working. 

We have a background in mid and senior level contract and permanent recruitment. Home for us started in construction and property recruitment, but now spans a wide variety and type of appointments. Current assignments which we're working include those in the following fields: technical, international, construction, commercial, support, telecoms, legal, and finance.  To us, it's more important that we work with people that fit our culture and work ethic than operate in any particular sector. 

We're looking to grow our team. As such we're looking to hire seasoned recruiters with a background in professional / technical / managerial recruitment or trainees looking to develop a career in the same space. 

We think that if we offer unique and compelling reasons to work with us, combined with an unrivalled remuneration package, this will provide a conclusive win/win, for our team, and our clients.

Work-life balance

We recognise that everyone has a life outside work. Doctor’s appointment? No problem. Need to leave early for childcare? No problem? Start early, finish early? No problem. Start late, finish late? No problem. Remote working? That’s okay.


We spend a fair amount of time with our colleagues and we want to work with a fun team, who share our values and aspirations.


You are one. We can accommodate that and we always will. Your aspirations are different to those of other people and that’s fine.


It’s a must have as far as we’re concerned. Not just respect for each other, but for our candidates, clients, and supply chain too. Reputation goes a long way and this is key for us.


“Ask for forgiveness, not permission” is our mantra. People do sometimes make mistakes, but we’d rather work with thinkers who make decisions, than drones. You can have as much autonomy as you want, or can cope with!


Making a contribution to the community is important; we’ve supported Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal for Bristol Children’s Hospital for 10 years, but if you want to bring some ideas about supporting additional community based charities, please do!

Salary, remuneration, and expectations

We’re confident that we offer one of the best overall salary and remuneration packages in Bristol. If you think that we may be a company that you can make home, that matches you and your aspirations, then please read on to the “gated” section below. We have nothing to hide but equally we don’t want to broadcast our salary and remuneration structure to people who aren’t interested in joining the team. You’ll receive an email which will take you to the “ungated” remuneration page. Of course, we won’t use your email address for marketing purposes, or sell it to anyone.

We’re firm in our thoughts that by providing unrivalled earning potential, combined with a culture of respect, autonomy, work-life balance, appropriate leadership, and community engagement, we provide all key stakeholders (us, our candidates, and our clients) with the platform that they need for the long-term success.

Provide your email address below to be directed to further information around our remuneration structure, and what to expect.

We ask you to provide an email address so that we can verify that you’re a person, and because we want an element of control around this section of our website. We won’t share your email address with anyone, and we will delete it, either immediately on request, or after 12 months if we don’t hear from you.  If you haven't received the email from our website within a couple of minutes, please check your spam folder!